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An animation and song about a typewriter that would not listen.

Song and Lyrics by Indie Rock band DreamsfromGin (Us)
Animation by SamuraiFerret


Lyrics -
You said my mind is some place I'd like to stay
I said my mind is some place I can't get away
outside outside outside outside
I feel so small
Inside yellow finger prints plaster the
HEY Everything I'm saying right now is worthless
Hey what you said said said wasn't worth this
Hey Wait Skip that last line
All This All This All This All this just for some ink
to write down words misinterpret what I don't not think
scratch out old methods of making concreate
crawl into lumpy dirt and admit defeat
*How do you spell redundant? Looks good*

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love the song video not so much, should have at least picked a different font like on thats actually used on a typewriter

Nice little animation, but a preloader would be great for a file of that size.

Well first off, +1 for making a pretty catchy little punk tune, about a typewriter no less. I was genuinely surprised and if the animation itself doesn't work out this little gem will almost certainly have a second life in the audio section of the site. With that aside, while the animation is really smooth it sort of lacks substance, as in it's not really a music video depicting action or a story but rather an animated display of the lyrics. Other than that, there is a lot of potential for this submission. I would just suggest putting it to more use. Keep up the good work.

I wish there was maybe some animations. Music is in the "audio" tab.

Either you specified the wrong file dimensions when uploading the flash or you just forgot to make the background bigger enough but there are some jarring white bars on either side of this quite lovely animation. Another thing that'd be nice is a preloader, it's very easy to download one from newgrounds and stick it in frame one and it makes watching the flash a lot more convenient and user friendly. Another problem is the text is highlightable. This is distracting too and is easily fixed by changing the text type in flash (i think it's "static text" you want, but i'm not sure...). All of these are fairly minor technical details that you can quickly fix and the actual animation was enjoyable. The timing was spot on and whilst the typography got a little boring it was for the most part decent. I liked the paint splashes!