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Game Facts: Gears of War

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Had a good time making this one. Not that I dislike Gears or anything but when I play it I can't seem to take my eyes off of everyones neck. Is it neccessary for them to be jacked up just to fit into the testostrone fuled narrrative? Maybe. But whatever. Cartoons!


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lol poor marcus lol I knew he was a man lol

Stop the video at 00:56 until you see....IT. Anyways this was truely funny ass video, i watch it again and again just to get a good laugh, awesome ass video.

Ahhh the satire of the gaming demographics... I love it :-p BECAUSE IMMA MAN!!! It would be awesome to see a satire of tales of vesperia or any of the tales games.

That is kinda' how the campaign felt to me. I love the game, but there are ridiculous things like muscles larger than their head, for example. This video did indeed crack me up, and it also had fluid animation and good details. well done sir, if you still even read your comments at this point.

P.S: I know that in the review rules, I am not supposed to post useless nonsense, but I'd just like to say, I Fucking love ponies too, JasonSonicZombie! TwilightSparkles is Awe-inspiring! /)* H-Hey! quit down voting me. Wait, I'm sorry, no-


I'm a man and I like Ponies!
c: /)