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This is my loggo to my user "Average Green".
I'm new at making flash animation and really want your thoughts about my first works, hope it not just a bag of shit and I have some talent.

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Well, there isn't a whole lot going on. The arm's movement looks smooth.

Well the text looks good enough, nothing too bland nor too flashy.
And it shows that this is a beginners work(though you do seem to have some potential).
The beard should have a better transition to his face, at the moment it looks like a fake beard. But going on on this idea you might want to make the beard fall off during the intro instead of him flipping the bird.
Also due to the mouth movement(no teeth?) I guess you are going to add some insult to his gesture. But again with the beard falling off idea: After falling off he could utter a resignated sigh, connecting to your logo(average means on a big website like this not the highest quality standards).
Because you see swearing characters a lot it wouldn't seem to interesting, but a logo should be used to distinguish yourself from the rest and to spark interest in the audience before actually watching anything(for example greasymoose or MasterAardvark, these logos look interesting enough that one might want to see their animations).

I don't know in which direction your work will go, but depending on that you should choose a tune playing during the intro fitting to your work(light tune for funny stuff, orchestral music for stories, you get the picture).
His mouth seems a bit off, like a constant duckface. i don't know, it just doesn't seem to belong there.

And another idea I just got but might be a bit too much for a beginner: Connecting to your logo once again the guy could transform into Hulk(green Hulk-green logo, wow...) and smash the logo in one blow, hyping one's expectations. But beside the difficulties behind animating this: If you are going for a more serious tone in your work that might seem a bit off.
Hope I could a bit, Hope to see something from you soon!

not sure if no preload, or just not working

Newgrounds has a nice selection of preloaders and autoplay buttons you can download for flash. Just roll over the Communities tab and click 'Downloads'.
I say this, because I encountered a couple of issues when trying to start the movie. (It's none of my browsers and it isn't my connection. I checked, just to be sure.)
Right-clicking and selecting 'forward' and or 'play' half a dozen times brought me to your logo. For 12MB, I was expecting a little more. I'll just chalk it up to 'Technical difficulties'. We all come across those.
From what I DID see, though, your artwork is decent and the few frames of movement look pretty fluid.
The functionality of the flash ITSELF is sh*t, but the work you put into the actual art itself is pretty good.
Don't let this get you down, though: You've got the potential to make something amazing. :)

Try resubmitting it, after you get this issue resolved.

Nice colouring, & drawing seems nice. Wish you could do some more scenes, 'cause its hard to vote when there's only a loop ;)

AverageGreen responds:

Thanks you! I'm really glad that you like my drawing! It took me quite some time to creat this loop, I know it will be removed, I'd just wanted some respons if I should continue making animation or not, have a few ideas on film I want to make but don't know if my drawing is good enough to show. Thanks for the respond!