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You ever just go to Craig list to see the "X seeking X" list? There's some funny stuff there. This was taken from it.

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Dosensuppen responds:

Learn to write an actual god damned review, you worthless fuck.

I thought animation, voicing, and everything else was great but I found it a bit disturbing. I get it was an add and that it was supposed to be disturbing, and the video did its job and make me link to the site, but I felt like the joke kinda dragged on. What I would have done is make the joke more pronounced, but shorter too. The soups reactions were really funny, the videojust seemed to drag on for an ad. Otherwise fantastic job all around.

Dosensuppen responds:

Then why DIDN'T you do it?


Dosensuppen responds:

What a fantastic, well thought out, wonderful, informative review.

Thank you, sir. My hope for humanity has been restored by your show-case of intelligence. Marvelous!

HAHA I loved this! Funny as hell! I loved the animation, it was smooth and the awkward and uncomfortable-ness of the other soups was very nice haha. Audio wasn't weird and the voice overs were great, little bit of stuttering but I could understand if it was a part of the actual video. Great job!

Dosensuppen responds:

Well, real ad.

Well the art was decent. I don't really like the charactere design of the soup squad (inanimate objects with black eyes stuck on) but the cleanness of the art style and the high frame rate and decent use of tweens sorts of makes up for it. The colors weren't great, a little garish in my opinion and some use of lighting might have made the whole think look a little more exciting. Everything is a little flat and bland atm. The voice acting was alright and the sound quality was fine.
The content was pretty poor, i didn't find it particularly funny or interesting but from the reviews below it seems some people find it amusing so that's alright i guess. All in all okay.

Dosensuppen responds:

Don't worry, it's only a few hours of work.

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Apr 25, 2012
3:34 AM EDT
Comedy - Original