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Kickstarter Fandango

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Manny considers jumping on the Kickstarter bandwagon

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This was a great cartoon, especially with all the great voice actors. It was great to see this joke just go on and on. The best part was of course with Sonic. You just had no idea what was going to happen next. The fast paced animation really helped. I'm not that familiar with Fandango.

I don't need to, to realize how good the voice acting is. Well, you just need to know at least SOME of the many things you reference. At first, I thought they were characters from the same game. Then, they started to get more and more ridiculous. It was nice that you remembered "Home Movies".


brendon small! 10/5

This is Truth.

(also, my new favorite Flash artist!)

Psychonauts and Timesplitters? Good taste my friend

blails: how embarressing