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l33t Land Of Liberty

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Author Comments

This is my first REAL flash movie. Though there are others by me... well, one really, this is my first real attempt at trying. It's basically me and some of my friends killing everybody and everything that annoys us. Okay, well, maybe not EVERYBODY/THING, but quite a large portion of it. Heh, you can see my skills in flash, as well as the art improve as I went along. And although there are a lot of inside jokes in it, I hope it's still enough to entertain you guys. Enjoy! *** WARNING *** Because I have recieved comments about how it's too long, or too boring, I'm just going to warn you. This is a LONG MOVIE. I mean, look at the k!!! Fuck, OK, so if your review says anything about it getting low scores for being low, you're just a fucking idiot now! =D Enjoy!

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Controversial, but good to watch.

I'm a fan of intellectual flash presentations on Newgrounds, and this definitely has depth and message to it. First off, before I talk about the messages and my opinions vs. yours, I need to analyze your flash as a flash in the scoring of flash.

I, and possibly others, would have enjoyed this much more if the graphical content of the animation was done in a way so that it was visually appealing. The way you had all the people still, as if you used only one element per character to shift them across the screen and resize them, kept throwing off my full attention, as it was almost so boring to me that I could not completely focus; I did, still, get each scene.

In style, I liked how you kept bringing back that gun scene, with dual pistols, a shotgun, dual submachine guns, and then the humorous beer can. :P You utilized the same humor because the one man in the white shirt always responded with an eloquent, "...". I liked that a lot.
However, the scenes were much too slow as a whole. I didn't mind the length, but the fact that it was long because it kept replaying scenes that were long.
When we delved deep into Woody's room, and went across the room looking at the arsenal, it was SO slow. I was wondering when it would end. However, you stuck to the theme, to the concept of the flash, so it's redempt.

These two catergories are also just normal ratings, not taking in the fact that this is one of your first flash animations. If you brushed your skills up somewhat, you could redo this flash and make it much nicer.

The choice of music didn't always fit to me, but hey, that's open to interpretation. It would cut off suddenly and overall, it did not (figuratively) run smoothly with the actions on screen.

Of course, there was violence in this, because of the theme. I wonder how many of my 4096 characters I have left.

It was quite humorous. As I said before, beer can, consistant responses, God's-gotta-go segment, I liked it.

Now, to somewhat debate opinions:

I'm not gay. However, I (unfortunately) am human, and gay people are too. Fags, as was so commonly said, (though I believe it to also be an inside joke) aren't inferior to me for that reason, but because they are human, and I am better than you peasants. All readers of this review are inferior to me. I wasn't offended, but I was disappointed to see opinions against them if they really haven't done anything wrong; it's the same as thinking white people are better than black people solely because of the color of skin.

The long text block in the beginning, the quote, I liked that a lot. It made sense to me and I was ready to take on the film no matter how terrible it was in other aspects, which, I see, wasn't a resolution taken in vain.

I was starting to fade out when I saw the 700 club scene, and Pat there making the SAME DAMN STATEMENTS THAT MAKE ME WANT TO RIP HIS THROAT OUT AND SHOVE IT UP HIS ASS. That was a good move there, I loved killing him.

Oh, shit, I have to end this now. :( It's good work, and it can be made more appealing to everyone if you remake this with better animation and graphics. You've conveyed your opinions well and though I may not disagree with them, I won't take off any points. You still get a five from me!

Your ideas are really enticing...

I have to say I really agree with them. Some cultures and people like that today really piss me off these days...

Good work

This was an awsome flash, the graphics werent the best, but lots of killing :D :D :D

It was pretty good.

The gun scene over... and over... and over... explains the 7 in style. But other than that, it was good. I see some real potential.

Fucked up

Look, it said to submit movies and get points, did you know you won't get any if they suck you faggot! You c*ck s*cking mothafuc**a sad @$$ fat bast*rd son of a even bigger fat bas*ard! Go DIEEEEE!!!!

Credits & Info

3.84 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2002
2:33 AM EDT