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Half Full Episode 7

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Plot synopsis: Billy and John go monster hunting for the pheromones powered creature they've unwittingly unleashed onto the world. Meanwhile Susan continues to battle wits with Jonas.

Latest episode in the Half Full Pheromones saga. The original aim was to spoof 30's/40's horror movies.

All the regular voice actors are back for this one including returning guest voices Jamie Appleyard, David "Ramthundar" Ramthun and new-new guest voice Goldnerz (Just two guys) as the voice of confused teen #1.

New rocking theme tune by RobSoundtrack. Go listen to his music in the portal, it's awesome.

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Came for the music...stayed for the comedy!

You know..........................
I think this episode is more developed than any of the previous.
In truth, I became interested in this series after I first viewed this exact episode on ABS.

"You wont like it when hes horny D:"

what can't I say about this animation apart from the fact that ... it's completly AWESOME

Awesome! This series just keeps getting better and better. Although I am a little worried that your dragging out the Pheromones Series a little too long. You might want to end the Pheromone stuff next episode to get into some new plots.

Anyways. the Animations smooth, the actors are awesome, plot and jokes are funny (Although one or two of them aren't all that funny), and, like I said, the Series just keeps getting better. Keep up the good work pal :D

SingingmuteStuff responds:

Thanks dude, I agree you you about the Pheromones story (It will definitely be over next episode)