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AVAD - References and Ego

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----Weekly Voices---

sonicmega (http://www.youtube.com/u ser/NGsonicmega)
Rhapsody~Duskbane (http://www.youtube.com/u ser/RhapsodyDusk)

----Topic Explanation----

Alrighty gang! I know some of y'all were waiting for this and now it's here -- this week's episode of AVAD!! As you can see, I am now utilizing a disclaimer portion to the video to not only be clear on the purpose of the video, but to provide a chance for difference voice actors to be a part of this. This whole series itself was made to help VA and Producers, so I feel as if anyone can participate in the disclaimer reading (under certain restrictions of course).

And now for the topic's explanation:

Alright VAs (and Producers too depending on the situation), say you (or you and your friends/teammates) released a fandub/cover/one-shot on youtube and received a good reception from the community of fellow VAs/Producers. Until, someone comes in and gives a "critique" on the voice acting (or editing) saying it isn't the way the character should sound or how the editing/writing should have been done.

So to make his point, he decides to send you (and/or your friends) a link to his version of the character or scene to show how he is suppose to sound. As we all know, this is getting to the part of the Ego-trip of certain VAs. I can see if you gave a well thought of critique and referred him to something you did as a tool. But, if you give a "I don't think you are good for this. Maybe I can voice it for you" kind of response, then it shows how arrogant you are and show no consideration of actually helping the VA or producer improve in anyway.

Okay, back to the situation. So, the person sends you a link to his/her video to show of their voice. You may be like, "Hmm, I guess I will check it out. Maybe it is something I can benefit from." As soon as you play the video, you know its bad. Not just bad, poor quality. Bad mic, lousy editing, not much thought on writing, a voice not even close to any language dub made of a production... you name it. And you are asking yourself, "Are you serious?"

And that is what this episode is about! Sorry for the essay, everyone. But, I think I have made my point in both the description and in the video (or at least tried). Anyway, please enjoy the video! :D

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I kind of agree with SoapyCola.

I understand this is supposed to serve as a satire of voice actors with over-inflated egos and/or a public service announcement to not do this as a voice actor, but it was overall poorly done. I read your tl;dr author's comments in hopes of understanding this piece better, so here is my review.

While the animation was good except for what I think was an intentional anime-like mouth loop, it did not compensate for the poor satire. This could've been waaay shorter and funnier, and still get to the point.

The character that is supposed to represent what you're satirizing is too exaggerated. This feels like a rant on something that has happened to you, disguised as a poorly-written critique. The pacing felt fairly dragged out, too.

The animation was pretty good, so 2/5

Maybe some people didnt get the lip sync in the animation was a joke, reference from anime, they dont sync the O's or the U's or the L's, any of that, they just draw open and closed mouths as the characters talk

its pretty good but that lipsync sucks

very good animation!
voice acting was HILARIOUS and i loved the artwork!
just make the mouths match the voices
4.5/5 9/10
good job!

This is all too true!

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2012
2:42 PM EDT

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