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I Got No Money Redux

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Author Comments

So, prior to starting work on this, I was just watching some old toons, and I watched "I Got No Money" and looking back, it wasn't the best I could do. So, I decided to do a remake with the disco version. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this video, and if not, at least more than my first attempt at this song ;)

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Yusuf responds:

nice review

like it Is kinda decent

Yusuf responds:


Pretty good.=)

Yusuf responds:


not bad at all for 13.

Yusuf responds:

wow, thanks!

So yah, your getting there.

I vaguly remember the last time you posted something like this I was all "Yah it needs work" but now I think you listened to me and other reviewers and I can see the actual improvments coming out of it. Like you actually drew the girl this time. I mean sure the artwork can still use a little work but that comes with practice (and not just cartoon drawing practice, like actual life drawing... which might sound strange, but it works). The animation has improved too, but like it still needs a little work. The tweening in particular, the frame by frame is all right. So yah it's all right! The thing you should focus on now is practice, really.

Yusuf responds:

Thanks, man! It's appreciated!