A Slight Dose of Coma

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If you want more music, go to http://www.acidplanet.com/Lounge/ArtistDetail.asp?ArtistID=112564 for some mp3's
or, e-mail me at rdmose@aol.com! Enjoy!

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Well, it was an ad. Your music was pretty interesting. It kind of sounds like Math rock to my ears. I think you would really dig a band called Breadwinner. You should really check them out. They aren't very well known..But they rule!

This is supposed to be a review..
It wasn't that entertaining, the text was chopped off on most parts so you had to guess what you were talking about...but I don't know...Eveything that I was going to say the previous reviewer already said...Just read it twice. hah.

I thought that one of your "logos" (or whatever its called) was really awesome. It was The one that had your name, in grey, and then small text saying "A slight dose of coma" all over the place behind it. You should use that one.

I'm gonna have to be an asshole here....

But I want to be honest. Making a band isn't easy by any means, and if this is any indication of your best, then you've got a lot of work to do. I'm sure there are many garage bands that can do this, and in regards to the flash, it wasn't really interesting enough for me.

Who knows, maybe other assholes like me will keep telling you this sorta stuff to keep you motivated. I do wish ya good luck though.

Rob-Moseley responds:

No worry, you're not being an asshole. It's been almost two years since I recorded all of this, and I am in no position to defend it as anything other than a mediocre presentation of my band in the most premature fashion. I garantee that we have improved quite a bit with our music, and I think in the future we'll use something other than a 1/2-inch condenser mic tape recorder to record our songs.


this is stupid, your recording equiptment sucks, your drawings suck, it's boring. I hope your band isn't called A slight Dose of Coma, that is one dumb name. Basically, you're just a waste of flesh!

Rob-Moseley responds:

I would take you much more seriously if you would spell things correctly.

Nice Idea

I Liked the idea of the flash. Its like a personal interview.

As for the music

I read one of your responses to someone else that youve only been playing for a year and a half to 2 or something to that extent. All I have to say is keep working on it, its sounds good for where you are. Trust me, you will get better and better as time progresses, as long as you stay diligent and perservere. I am in 4 bands, and i know what it is like to have assholes tell you that you suck and shit. Tell them to kiss your ass and move on. Dont take what they say for a grain of salt.

Sound Issues. I Suggest you get a Tascam US-428 or a Tascam US-224. (I think it is 224, i dunno, all i have is the 428) These are really good for recording.

Keep working on it! Never give up.


Rob-Moseley responds:

Thanks for the inspiration, pastor Raavek... we're still working on our tunes. =P

Well... uhm...

The so-called "graphics" sucked... the music sounded ok in the beginning but got worse... you couldnt read the text cause it went outside the window either... pretty shitty..

Rob-Moseley responds:

I didn't work on the animation for that long... maybe a night or two... shame you don't like our music.

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Aug 5, 2002
2:16 PM EDT
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