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Legacy of Vesmir

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Legacy of Vesmir is a short sprite animation set at the birth of a new world, within an alternate plane of existence. A world where nothing should exist except true chaos. On the orders of an unknown deity; a servant is sent down to return the world back into what it was. But not without strife from those who dwell there.

With authentic 8-bit music and sounds, Legacy of Vesmir makes for a unique sprite animation.

Comments: This is something I've been working on over the last few months after deciding to cancel another project I had going. Originally this movie was just supposed to be an experiment to make sure I had ironed out my ability to animate fighting scenes well. And while it's still that deep down; it eventually evolved into sort of a base for anything else I may or may not do in the future.

I hope you enjoy it.

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I started losing the plot up to the point he teleported into the castle then it stopped making sense when he was stabbed, maybe I'm dumb or maybe most people who watch this aren't giving it all that much attention. This was one of the better sprite animations I've seen, you did everything properly except make sure the story is self-evident and seamless.

SypherAP responds:

Yes, after all the feedback I got. The plot seemed to be where I slipped up the most. I wanted some things to be left to interpretation and kept simple at the same time, but I think I went just tad too far with that. So I'll explain it here and hopefully someone else who is confused will read it.
(So spoilers below.)

Basically, what the main character had leaped into was the essence of what was creating everything. The point of the whole somewhat confusing/disturbing scene was to show that whatever was actually making this world was not... well 'sane' for a lack of a better word. The women you see stab him is the physical form and the very core of what he had entered. So when he had sealed the core, in effect the whole thing was crystallized. Which caused the world to revert back into nothing. After which the main character meets an unfair end, and is thrown into the process of being reborn. Which is what you see at the very end.

Cool action, no plot so 4.5/


good job SypherAP, it was Perfect and original, great 8 bits movie

Loved every bit of it especially the music. The fight scenes were fluid and makes me want to break out the old brick gameboy and play some 8 bit goodness. By chance will you put some of the audio in the audio portal?

SypherAP responds:

Thank you.

Hmm... I might, I might not. I was planning on doing that on my youtube channel. But I might upload it on both sites. So for now I don't really know.

I liked the action pace it had to it! The only thing that I could ask for was maybe more of an explination of whats going on in the very beginning of the film! Anyways still a nice job 9.5/10.