Kai VS Zaku

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This was done for a College Assignment. We had to make a 10 Second Animation in Flash. Due to the deadline I couldn't really get all the sounds or add in backgrounds like I wanted but overall with the short amount of time I was given I am pleased. I also have a much longer storyboard I might get around to someday :)


I think you should definately make this longer. I liked your art, but maybe in the future (when you have more time), expand the movie, and maybe add some background. I like where you're going with it though. So, 3.5 stars because you can go bigger with this.

Eoin63 responds:

Thanks :D

could you pleeeeeaaaaasssssssssssssssssssseee finish your animation before putting it out?

But it was awesome ;)
(The only minus is that it was too short)

Eoin63 responds:

Ya I know it was too short but Hey it's my first animation ;)

It looks okay, but it's not jaw-dropping. The real issue is that there is not too much that happens. I realize you had a ten second constraint on your project, but if you want to make something really awesome, you should add some of your own time and make them fight or something. Anything, really. Good luck!

Eoin63 responds:

I am going to continue it, & yes they do fight I have a way longer storyboard. But once I met the deadline it was time for a break & then just decided to upload what I have so far :)

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Apr 4, 2012
5:28 PM EDT