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Psychic Stevie's Answers

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Ok, I know movies poking fun at the mentally disabled generally don't do well in the Portal. Just give this one a chance and don't take it seriously. NEW: Get Psychic Stevie wallpaper, T-SHIRTS, event sounds, and the EXE at www.jkcinema.com

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Funny, although making fun of retarded people nowadays would never pass.

Actually had a few different responses which was nice to see, and the music wasn't annoying either. Needs some questions to auto ask to get more responses.

It was fun

So it was fun and I like the audio with the voice maybe this is a game you could ad some subtitles too so nice job indeed you have a nice style of a game here and was funny the answers were kind of crazy though but still a fun game I thaught anyways nice job here.

Some subtitles would be nice


I ask "will i lose my virginity"


I go "ok then"

5 stars

I actually liked this! I don't think this was making fun of the mentally handicapped. It was just making fun of psychics. They're all fake, you know. They would have warned us about 911. It's pretty stupid, but still enjoyable.

I just liked how it was interactive. I've played or heard of other games like this. I love that "Fat Albert" music. Steve is such a funny name. I hope he isn't being controlled by Marik.

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Score: 1 / 10
Summary: I didn't find this funny
Review: Maybe some people would find this funny. But I don't. I am in a club at my school to help the mentally disabled and this is annoying and retarded.
The word retarded is used to define movies that insult what you people refer to as "retards". That is the true meaning of the word "retarted".
This kind of crap has no place anywhere
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Sep 18, 2000
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