DragonBall AF: Teaser

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All episodes will be uploaded to youtube. The link to my channel is~~http://www.youtube.co m/user/kezzybro2k11?featu re=mhee
Credits: Super Saiyanjin-3 Goku (AF) by me I Vegeta (AF) by me I Gohan (AF) by me I Supreme Kai by pexteen, ,Custom edits by me I ???? by me I Music by Bruce Faulconer I Special thanks to ShadeFalcon for the sound effects, and voices.


You see, that proves how many people on Newgrounds are completely ignorant. Judge an animation for what it is not because it's not vector based. ANY thing digital, like your computer screen, your tv etc is ALL made out of pixels. Millions of pixels but nonetheless pixels. It's sad to see people degrade an animation for that reason alone. If you're a real animator you appreciate animation in any shape or form, pixels are art and within the right hands it can be just as good as regular drawing. Give him some legit crits seriously. HAR HAR ME NO LIKE PIXEL -_-. Don't waste your time then. As for the dude under me your post is completely irrelevant and congratulations on wasting your time on something you apparently don't care for but took the time to watch and then post something even more useless.

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... i dont give a crap

@skerry2006aj You idiot Pixels is one of the best things if you don`t like the damn pixels why the hell did you push this your critic is cuntess pixels are very good and popular and a lot of people like it.
Anyways animation had nice effect`s backgrounds but your skills are not that good to Animate DBZ.

Same as the others.

The pixel characters were pretty bad, though I understand that it would be much more time consuming to animate hand drawn characters and that you don't have all the time in the world. The effects and sounds were very well done. The end of the teaser was pretty cliche, but it's expected of all teasers. I will be looking forward to your series.

Verdict: Okay
Keep it up!

NOTE:The text above is MY PERSONAL OPINION and I hope that I will not be criticized by my opinions/review on content that is posted on the internet for reviewing and enjoying.

kezzybro2k11 responds:

Oh believe me, I can do A LOT better. I'm just not using the overused style, I'm coming up with my own original Anime style animations, which might not look as appealing to what most people see today. But it's diffrent and I like it.

This really could have been better, but having said that I have no doubt that this took a lot of work to make.
Skerry was right, the characters and pixels are awful but I liked the portraits and it had a good story for a teaser trailer. Also the was sound was pretty clear which was nice, except for when the background effects cut out to make the antagonist voice more pronounced. I think the sounds should have gotten quieter but not cut off completely.

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2.94 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2012
8:42 AM EDT