A War Story 3

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For some reason I spent a damn long time on this and for some reason it not as good as I wanted it to be.
This is the last issue of A War Story, I am starting a new series soon which I am actaully going to write a script for
*A Way Story has no story haha* so just take this movie as a action film don't bull shit me with the not plot thing as I know, well anyways I hope you like it, most people I showed liked it.

Models from http://www.3dcafe.com

Check out my website http://www.whatyah.com



dude, FUCKING MASTERPEICE! that was so cool, even though i never seen the other ones, but anyway, great job!


I didn't really enjoy this... The for several reasons, the 3d models weren't that good, the scene transitions were WAY too long, the animation really wasn't that great, and it was way too short.

Also to the bitch named chris, Fuckoff you asshole! I know women that could PWN your ass at flash anyday you goddamn sexist piece of shit!

I feel strongly that women shouldnt do flash

I guess this is alright, the animation is great. but nothing that I would want to watch again. PLUS I think the maker of this flash is a women and thus shouldnt do flash,if I'm wrong, good job and keep of the good work, if I'm right, go make me a sandwitch


you get 7, me pick you be happy with 7, it good score take and keep good 7 score


The voices were dreadful, and the stick figures? Come on. You had some pretty good graphics in there, I think you could have done better than stick figures. It pretty much ruined the whole movie. Music was good. Movie did not live up to the beginning credits. I didn't enjoy it. Sorry.

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3.29 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2002
12:21 AM EDT
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