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Just a logo I did...


The behind the back grab that she did with the sword is really unrealistic and it was a little awkward of a point to end and rewind with. I have to agree that it was waaaaayyyy to slow for my taste and I don't know anyone who would enjoy such a slow scene that is in reality very dynamic and quick. I do think that it flowed relatively well however.

Waaaay too slow.

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Hmmm, i really like, its really great animation and ide love to see what else you can do with your skills

SecretiveShaman responds:

You sir, are the reason I animate

It's too long/slow. There are entire animations that aren't that long.

Also, it's just an intro. It's an intro with no animation or story with it. I know you said that in your comments, but that still doesn't change the fact that it's a beginning without a middle or end. It's an intro to nothing, and that makes it a pointless part or bit of a finished product.

Please don't submit things that aren't finished. This isn't Introgrounds. What you have seems to indicate that you have something cool in the works, so we look forward to seeing it. This isn't finished, though. Please don't submit parts of things. Please finish and submit. :)

SecretiveShaman responds:

Thanks, I know we should release a complete project on Newgrounds but I really couldn't help myself. This was just an experiment to see how general audience would react to my style of animation

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1.98 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2012
6:21 PM EDT