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Walk Cycle

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Author Comments

Just wanted to see how quickly I could finish a walk cycle with clean up and color. It took me about a day. I'm getting rusty. T:

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I know it's just a test, but it would be even better with some music. I like.

Everyone needs practice, but you don't need to post your practice on Newgrounds. Submitting a one second walk loop is just clutter.

It works. But it's a walk cycle and nothing more.

For what it it, I would say- good job. :) 3/10

As far as remaining on the site, though, I've got to say that it's lacking. :\ 0/5

You're right, though. You're getting rusty. It's been over a year since you submitted Pumpkin Dissection. Where ya been??? :)

Mukki responds:

lol you give out tough reviews, i'm going to take yours as a compliment. 3/10 is pretty generous. as for where i've been? working on a tv show called unsupervised. :D