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Skyrim: Lockpicking

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Author Comments

A Skyrim parody i guess, my first animation so don't be too harsh haha ;)
http://www.youtube.com/us er/HDRevill?feature=mhee

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haha skyrim in a nutshell


its never worth it. took me all 57 of my lockpicks to open one and you know what i got? I got an iron helmet of minor illusion, 129 gold and a steel war axe (not enchanted) I rage quit :(

The story of my life bro... story of my life. (Fallout New Vegas included)

short but funny, i was fooled by the game as well when i was just a newbie level 12 dragonborn i spent an hour in the master lock with few lockpicks, i always do the save reset thing, that time i thought the chest contains rare stuff. but on the end it just contains 25 gold and leather equips.......lol skyrim rules been playing it in ps3 with 560 hours gameplay still not much lag issues...