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XiruX keeps using the same combo over and over again, then his friend gets pissed and decides to take action.


This was amusing

Haha this was both cute and amazing the art style and color use was brilliant I love this style and the ausio was great, some decent "VOICES" all around a good flick you have here.

The only thing here would to make this longer infact I can see this going as a series of episodes. just an idea to think on.


Ahahahah awesome funny story and pretty good visual and audio:P

XiruX responds:

Thank you!! :D

This was a great movie. I enjoyed the graphics and the sound. MVC3 is a fun game. Keep up the good work. Are you going to make a sequel?

XiruX responds:

I probably make a sequel.. There is much stuff happening on this game online!! xD

This was a very great idea , because of how true this was all you really need is a better software for your animations .

This describes virtually every fighting game ever made: after you're sick of tired of being sick and tired when your buddy (or brother) keeps using the same damned tricks over and over without trying different things, you bring out the heavy sucker you know perfectly and rip his head straight off the shoulders. Then he gets peeved and now, you're both peeved; suddenly, neither player wants to play the game anymore. Yes, "MVC3 F*CK" describes that very feeling perfectly; the phenomenon is not exclusive to Marvel vs. Capcom 3--it's been here since fighting games became a genre.

The plot? Two contenders play as Deadpool and Doctor Doom (XiruX). Doctor Doom keeps spamming a combo on Deadpool until Deadpool loses, despite Deadpool Player's complaints. Angered, Deadpool player gets out Hulk and obliterates Doctor Doom, either with actual finesse or mirrored tactics (never sure--fact is, he wins that bout). Then Doctor Doom doesn't feel like a rematch anymore. There, that was simple, wasn't it?

The crudity of the language and art design, not to mention the hissing, whispering aspect of some of the voice-overs, makes this seem like a lackluster affair, but you cannot help but apprecate the try. The facial expressions take us back to 2006 when Egoraptor became a household name and style, and here, they're totally priceless. Simplicity is a virtue that adds another half-star to the fold; you can't always capture an emotion with a painstaking classic animation, or even a motion-between affair. Sometimes, you just gotta make a few simple changes between each shot, which does the trick just enough.

Pretty sneaky to add product placement for McDonalds and Aqua Teen Hunger Force in there for good measure, but this is less a parody than a good slice-of-life observational skit. It could be reworked to neutralize any copyright infringement, but while it's here, it might as well be enjoyed for what it is. It's not terribly flashy, and we might have seen the style before, but I don't complain that someone besides VG Cats has addressed some of the issues featured in fighting games that persist even today.

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XiruX responds:

Thank you for you wonderful well elaborate review sir!! :D

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Mar 22, 2012
1:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody