Stainville Episode 2

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3/23: Music from Stainville Episode 2 now available, courtesy of Proj.

3/23: Stainville has hit Youtube. Watch it and like us: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_KjZPMJ3Is


3/21: Links are fixed. Go like/tweet/etc us.

3/21: Fixed some audio transitions and smoothed one or two things out. Still trying to figure out why the links don't work. Until then, just look us up on our respective sites.


3/20: Finally, after many delays and inherent setbacks that come with collaborating over long distances, Stainville 2 is finally complete. While not as gritty as the original, the animation and overall quality are definitely a step up from the last installment.

Big thanks once again to Alexander Loredo-Stone (aka. Proj) who came up with some excellent background music and our own Stainville intro theme.

Anyways, kick back and enjoy the show.

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misanthropy in a nutshell

I swear its like every time I watch an episode of this series it gets better with every viewing

Wooo! I love you.

This can turn into something great. (these animations) i have to say that this shows improvement and it will get better as time goes by. great potential and even though the character description and overall storyline isn't clear. it is entertaining. SKILLZ.

so are those 3 ,whatever there namez r,
seniors or junyors? maby a sophmore?