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Mass effect three Parody

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Hello kiddies. So I finally played Mass Effect three and there is soooooooooooooo much I wanted to talk about right now :wow:

MASS EFFECT THREE it is the most emotionally engaging game I have ever played

Not sure about the ending though. but that is a discussion for another day.

anyways I really wanted to do another random parody before I went back to went back to work.

Hope you can laugh at least a little

Commander Shepard
Tali belong to Bioware
Roger Wilco belongs to sierra

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They always looked like prawns to me

Of course Wilco saves the day! He always does :)

Yeah, that wasn't very funny... Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but you listed it as a comedy, so I was expecting to at least chuckle... Maybe ask some friends to critique your jokes before releasing them on to the internet?

Alt ending was better than the actually ending of Mass effect 3

littlegoblet responds:

lol yeah the ending to the game left me feeling defeated. I want a happy ending darn it.

I've not played the third one but it was funny... all the sidequests do make your teammates think that if they were real

littlegoblet responds:

the game play of mass effect three was awesome. I totaly enjoyed it but the ending was abit flat and rather confusing :( us fans will have to make our own ending lol