The Evil Blueberry

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The Evil Blueberry confronts the innocent Strawberry

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haha the bird shit on the strawberry but i'd still eat it though.
You may shit into my open mouth if you want, heck i'd still eat it.

Apparently, this is dramatic. Also, shit jokes aren't funny. They never have been and never will. As LordVista said, voices were awful. Get a VA next time. Finally, HALF a star, because the animation wasn't piss-poor, as in, still really awful, but I've seen worse.

NightmareDuck responds:

It's very dramatic. It's the tale of a witty but shy strawberry silently walking through the forest alone when she then proceeds to get attacked by an evil blueberry with a nice past. I don't see how the story isn't great. I thought it was genius.

Pretty bad.
The voices made me cringe.
And the scene is way to basic.

NightmareDuck responds:

I had thought the scenery was quite detailed and amazing. Also, isn't a child's joy and attempt cute enough for you? Or it has to be perfect? Either way, I had thought this was one of the best flashes to have ever been created.

This was incredibly simplistic but I have to say, it made me laugh.

So Nice one dude.

NightmareDuck responds:

Thanks. It's good to know that someone appreciates my work.

The voices were extremely annoying, if that's you, wait until you hit puberty to do the voices. The voices were murder, the joke wasn't funny, nor really existent, and the whole thing was a waste of time.

NightmareDuck responds:

Actually, what is not a waste of time? I'm sure Newgrounds itself is a waste to someone or another someone. Also, if I waited for my voice to deepen, it wouldn't sound childish. Yeah. Think about it. A shy strawberry + deep voice = gross-man-berry-thing. It would lose value.

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3.80 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2012
4:40 AM EDT