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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!


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Author Comments

Two epic monsters, one epic dubstep song. Only one thing can happen. Epic battle, commence.

I know it's not the best, but it was my FIRST animation.
I would LOVE feedback in the most informative way possible to help me improve. Thanks!
[c] 2o12 music & animation
> blacK.Ember <

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pretty great for your first

i like the acid tree it looks awsome

keep going dud like i say ''practice makes near perfect''

blackember responds:

Of course man I am never stopping anytime soon! Thanks so much, glad you liked him.

You show great promise especially as I think this is your first animation? I re watched your other video and loved it. And like I say If you can draw anything then you can animate anything

blackember responds:

Yeah, first animation! Thanks so much man, you are awesome. I hope to improve greatly as well! Hopefully I'll be somewhat close the top in the near future. Keep your eyes open! ;D

I would like to see a part 2, as it were.

blackember responds:

It is going to happen! Just, once I am a little bit better. I might do a couple projects in between the sequel. Thanks for your interest!

I thought you did good on this animation i liked how acid tree was introduced, keep up the good work and im sure you will get better!

blackember responds:

Thanks very much, I am glad you liked it! :]

Ouch, hard critics bro. Much better though, this truly deserves 5 stars. The Intro with Lava Man was also kid story bookish which was great for an introduction of him as with what ya did with acid tree which went as I said the last time well, and then you went all good drawin skills n shit and it really over fit in awesome as a whole. I was amazed at how quick ya came out with it, as badblood pointed out the actual animation techniques in flash that you used were of the easier variety but not only did you use them wisely in a cinamatic sense to add to it, the quickness ya used to make it showed you are competent at making flash videos and basic camera angle techniques, Now once again it did seem a lil short, over all you should aim to make a 2:00 min song and animate the whole thing, but this did have a feel of closure so props for that. making the song and animating it takes lots of skills, which you no doubt have, but take your time on a new one, Id love to see what pop then and dont let the negitive comments or scores get ya down, You make awesome flashes and music, and they'll only get better with time

blackember responds:

Thanks man for your time and appreciation for the work I did.

I will look up some techniques on how to better animate scenes of action and such. I also want to do some comedic ones so voice overs will be in the near future.

Again, thanks! I want to see what else I can come up with.