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The mini album is avaible here: yourix.bandcamp.com/album /drumparadise-ep
Hope you enjoy the vid ;)

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It's nice to see some nice traditional frame-by-frame animation here on Newgrounds. My only suggestion for this would be to add more inbetweening, as the end result is much smoother.

Though there seems to be a decline in the way you chose to present these randomly placed sequences. Particularly, I'm talking about Pacman, the sun and the clouds and how you repeated them as frames.

I understand the feel you were aiming for with this, because I too tried to make a flash like this called "-Abraham-." It received bad reception for being too randomly placed. As with this - it didn't maintain its consistency as other fbf animations do and after the color feels out of place.

Though if this was a showcase for your animation skills or the song, then it fit its purpose and perhaps I'm being a bit too critical of it. Good luck on your future endeavors.


YouriX responds:

Yes i was going for a spaced out animation that can blend well with my music. Now, after this animation and reading everybodies review i have learned that i have to be more cleaner and put even more effort in my work. Other wise i will be wasting time for nothing.

Your stuff has been getting better somewhat. The content after color was introducted felt as though it were randomly placed. The little conflict at the beginning was kind of interesting, but then the audience never sees it again after you introduce video game characters and other whacky stuff. I felt like those things at the end really detracted from the beginning.

The animation in the beginning was better too, it could stand to have some more frames and cleaner linework though.

Hope that helps.

YouriX responds:

Thanks for taking the time to review my work Tyler :). I was going for a random like animation and a sudden use of color. Maybe if i somehow introduced the colors it would have felt more natural. Also i will try using more inbetween frames and cleaner lines.
Again thanks for the review :)

it was kinda good, only problem is that the animation could've been smoother but it wasn't and seemed too stiff, but it's good drawing.

YouriX responds:

Yes, animation is still something new to me. But im getting a hang of it! ;)

Thought it was very creative with how the animation flowed, though simple as it was. The music is nice to listen to as well in places too, it presents your work well ^^.

YouriX responds:

haha thanks alot man!

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Mar 15, 2012
9:04 AM EDT
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