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Do you remember when you were a kid how afraid you were to pop your balloons? They were so beautiful: green and red, and yellow...Now your task is to pop all the ballons! Solve all the puzzles and do not let a balloon float into the sky!

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Cute game

I was truly surprised at how hard this game turned out to be! The weirdest thing was how it had such a simplistic look to it. That's in no way intended to be an insult. But even with all that it turnedout to be a pretty fun and entertaining game so i did enjoy it for what it was. This was nice and "FRESH" even had some quirky music that was pretty cute, and congrats on the awards on this one, your effort shows off highly on thisone, The idea is basic but the concept of soing differant things with the baloons is cute and keeps one interested. I really like how each new level you have to try and figure out the skillof that level and try new things. the tutorial level was pretty good too i thought. So i saw something like this before and you have really pushed it to another level and thats what seperates this one from the rest so that is what originally dree me to this, You show in your work great detail,and the quality comes out in full, And for that i am greatfull for all the decent work you put in.

The last point of improvement I can think of is that you could make the ideas i have suggest a reality in some future update, or somewhere down the road to try and use some of the basic ideas, because in the end they can help and improve. The music was cute but sometimes was anoying, maybe you can have an option to change up the music.

Fun game, and overall easy to beat.

to get pass level 4 u need to drag the balloon with an arrow to the left (the side with arrows) to pop it, leaving the arrow tied in the rope then drag the arrow to the fish shaped balloon to the right to pop it and then drag the arrow above the last balloon and cut the rope...

Very fun and somewhat difficult its really enjoying to play. I recommend playing it.

how does level 4 work??

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3.66 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2012
6:11 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other