Reviews for "Boom Balloon"

i like this game

Good game, but medals are not working. Fix this, please, and PM me.

Wow, I would have never thought that a game about popping balloons could be so hard! This is another one of those games where you really earn the medals you're getting. I'm really stuck on the sixth level, I think is what I'm at. You might want to include a label saying which level it is next time. The hardest part was probably how you only had a certain number of arrows to fire. There wasn't anyway of letting you know how many shots you had left.

You might want to work on that next, but then again, I might just be complaining about a game I'm no good at. I appreciate the nice music. I knew the graphics of this game looked familiar. It looked more like work by The-Super-Flash-Bros, who I guess you have sponsored a few times. It's pleasant enough to recommend.

Should remove the annoying language bar at the top it gets in the way! other than that cool game!

I thought it was pretty Mediocre.

Graphics were okay, as were physics, but the Fun just wouldn't kick in. It's not a bad Game, don't get me Wrong, but i - personally - didn't get hooked the way i used to get by Puzzlegames.

Also, you should add one or two Sentences about the Coremechanics into the first levels, i found myself riddling what i should do next in Level 2, because i just had some Arrows pointing left and right and one pointing up - Next to a giant Picture of a Mouse with a pressed left Button. So, maybe it was just me, but i sat here, had this Button pressed und jiggled my Mouse all over the Place, before i realized that you want me to klick those Thingies to move the Balloons around. Write that in a simple Sentence. "Click thing, Move Balloon." You want People to understand your Mechanics!

Also, the Hitzone for the Bow seemed to be pretty awkward, i had to restart some of the Levels because the damn thing just wouldn't fire when i wanted it to - so you could just change it that way that my Mousepointer changes when its possible to fire - a little Feedback by the Game would be nice.

Last Thing: The Music. God is it Annoying. But thanks for the Mutebutton!

Overall, 2.5/5 - Some Minor Upgrades and it will get an better Rating!