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Abysmal Adventures #2

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IT'S BACK. Everyone's favorite Horror Neo-Noir Superhero Fantasy Saturday Morning Cartoon '80s Action B-Movie genre mash-up has returned!

Wojtek celebrates his victory, but it is cut short by some sinister revenge enacted by Thavel the Beast! Will Wojtek overcome his irresponsibility, thereby overcoming the Beast yet again? Tune in to find out!

*Note: It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you watch Abysmal Adventures #1 before this, even if you did last year. You will likely be lost without the refresher.

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But im a Furry

Well I'm glad to see this series hasn't been discontinued.
In truth, this was way more fucked up than the last one.

Thats was great may not have been the best but still IMO it was funny and a good story Your a responsible dick head GJ lol

Oh no not the furry R.I.P. T.T . Anyways you really got something here. Animations great, storyline interesting. Can't wait to see more, cheers

The writing is good, the animation is mediocre, and the sound quality doesn't meet the standard of passing.