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A cartoon about how much I love RWJ!
Its not what you think.
Voice by Mick, Animated by Me.

Thanks for Front Page.

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That escalated quickly.
He's only got one good video...
When you havent had sex in months

His other videos...blah...so you get 5/5

All you need is a little violence to make everything satisfying. hehehehe he totally deserved it :3

The face he makes right after he's told his butthole will be filled with boiling oil is priceless. Gahaha. Amazing!

Wow, that was quite funny. I guess it's kind of clich├ęd to be making fun of him, but it's still good. I especially love the animation. Everything has an amazingly wonderful amount of fluidity to it. I assume his dick would already be burned off. Well, you're just that cruel.

The voices were great as well. I guess it is pretty childish. I still found it to be funny. Fred should certainly be next. Don't call people gay.

RWJ and all stupid vbloggers sucks ass