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Lead human, witch and the giant to conquer the stick world!


Mouse to control, mine gold and harvest food to train your troops, buy upgrades and power-ups to and prepare to fight against stick army. See in-game instructions. Hot Keys: A/D and Left/Right Arrow to scroll screen. 123456 and QWERTY to release unit.


Good game!

Ok game could use things such as artillery and explanation on what red bar upgrade does and if the enemy gets a lot of witches its really hard for me to do anything

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Pretty good game,i think the point is well made, like an epic battle style game, awesomely drawn characters , could have a little more history but...Awesome game!

Love the gameplay, not exactly original, but great fun to play. Great music, great SFX, love the upgrade system and the range of units available.

One major let down for me is the REALLY poor spelling, grammar and syntax all through the game. It may not seem to be important to everyone, but if you ask me if you're going to go to the effort of making a game and putting it online for the whole world to play, you may as well learn English.

Other than that, loved it, make another one!!

Quite a good game. I haven't finished it yet but I am really enjoying it.

Things you could add:

1. Add an "Easy-Medium-Hard-ReallyHard" option.
2. An attack-defend-retreat command (just a bonus for strategy).
3. More of an option of what to attack/when to attack it. Instead of a notice saying "The reds are attacking" and then "you *must* defend/attack here" perhaps it would be more interesting to have a notice saying "This is happening, what do you command?" This isn't massively important, of course, it would just allow for a more 'flexible response', allowing more strategy. Of course, this may complicate the making of the game quite a lot (I hope there actually will be another game). dd
3. Less allowance for a simple spam-fest. I need more strategy.

For those of you who think this game is a rip off of stick war: Piss off.

The only *real* similarity is that there are stick men fighting. The strategies are *completely* different. You can't take control of characters in this game for one, which was really the only reason Stick War was beatable on the harder modes (possessing your characters and kicking ass). In this game there are many different upgrades, different 'characters', and different overall prices.

If you know anything about strategy and don't simply use the 'spam your troops' method you will see that these games are completely different strategy-wise.

For instance, the prices of characters make a huge difference. In Stick War, the 'miners' cost a lot more comparatively to those in this game. This alone changes the entire strategy, allowing you to use the miners and farmers in this as a wall of cheap 'grunts' to protect a massive wave of archers (when using the blue team). Come on, if you even suggest that this is a rip-off of Stick War then I doubt you have even played both of the games. Both games are fun strategy games with stick men attacking each other. If you can't see past those minor similarities then I pity you.

All right, now that I'm done ranting I should probably get to critiquing the game.

My first problem with the game was on lv 7 of the blue campaign. All this level seems to be is a 'spam-fest', in my opinion. Maybe that's because I used the strategy of using my points to upgrade existing troops rather than buying new ones to spice up my army, so maybe it's my fault. But all I ended up doing was spamming the warriors ahead of the archers on each row and letting the fight play out normally. Anyway, I shouldn't complain because the level wasn't really very long anyway.

Level 8 seemed to be a 'spam and wait for a while-fest'. Only one wave of enemies came to attack, which annoyed me. Why not more?

Level 12. The worst spam fest of all. How is a narrow route a challenge? I prefer games when the enemy has the upper hand and you defeat them with strategy. Some of the levels could have sort of been like this but this one was really just a 'spam troops at the enemy, hope you win' kind of deal. Very boring.

Well, I was going to write this review as I played along with the game, but I've decided to quit. If you hadn't bored me to death with the spam-fest at the end I would have given you a 4.5.

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3.85 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2012
3:13 AM EST
Strategy - Other