Phantom Warrior CX

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CX is a special mutant who has just stormed a stronghold of enemy forces that he found.
One of my first submissions, so give me some mercy, and tell me why this was so shitty.

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umm....lets see...first submission...show mercy...well the road to being a good animator must start with a single step. one thing, no sound...second im not to big on stick animation drawn with a mouse. it was kinda hard to tell what was going on but the animation was at least smooth. keep up the work, practice, maybe get some better animation software in the future. but dont get discouraged.

catsclaw responds:

Thanks for the tip, but this isn't stick animation, and it's done with a crappy stylus. I need a tablet, but thats a shitload of money

I can tell the actual animatioon was not done in Flash. This is largely due to the large amount of aliasing in the art. However, the animation is pretty good for a raster program. Utilize Flash more in the future. It will really smooth out the animation, plus you can add sound to it, and that will help add more impact and dynamics. Not a bad start, just use Flash to your advantage.

catsclaw responds:

okay, thanks for the tip, i don't have the money for flash quite yet.

please dont loop whatever you do. maybe my ears dont work or maybe it needs some sound, and smoother drawings, and use more shades of the same color to add depth. oh wait i had my earbuds blasting "subterranean homesick blues". but it still needs some metal or rock style tunez or whatever you like to set the mood. remember we got 5 senses, and unless they bring back smell-o-vison then you can only interact with our eyes and ears.

catsclaw responds:

yeah, I don't have sound, so I wanna remake it.

nice, you have great potential. I enjoyed the idea of a silent killer, but a little audio wouldn't hurt.

catsclaw responds:

thanks. I wish I could add audio a bit easier than doing it by adding one bitmap by one.

I think if this was uploaded 5 years ago, it would have passed for good. But.. today.. needs a lot of attention..

catsclaw responds:

yeah, I didn't use this program alot, and Its my first animation posted on NG. I'm pretty happy, since it isn't stickfigures. Just saying

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2.50 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2012
7:20 PM EST