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Lighting test

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This is just a short loop I made to test out a new lighting theory I came up with. I was trying to out-do the "Paige's Epic Battle" thing that I made before.

1 million duck bills to the person that can guess what game she is playing

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is it veiwtiful joe 2 on gamecube?

Celshaded responds:


Is she playing viewtiful joe?

Celshaded responds:


Interesting loop, Make me think I need to make a lighting test too.
Oh and You're playing Viewtiful Joe 1 million Duck Bills please :D

cant make out what she's playing, but the shading is amazing.

Whoa that shading looks Amazing! XD I'm so jelly I can't even express it properly! It's really disheartening to see that this has less than 5k views. This looks great, XD You deserve so much more, Dude! I really wish I were at this level already. Last month marked my first year working with flash, And I've been feeling really down lately. Since I feel like my flashes arnt very good. ^_^" I use flash more like a drawing program than an animation program, and when I try animating i lose the motivation really early on. It's a damn shame.

Which is why people that actually have the will power to finish flashes are quite awe inspiring.

I've yet to see the rest of your stuff, But I'll get around to doing so! (I'm not a frequent visiter here on NG..... I made this account telling myself I'd be serious about my flashes, But as you can probably tell. My motivation tanked.)

Keep it up, You'll be great in due time. ^^ OH!
And She's playing Viewtiful Joe! (Which I loved way back when, I was rather young when I played through both games though. =w=")

Celshaded responds:

Thanks a lot man, I appreciate the kind words. Believe it or not, most artists no matter what skill level feel the same way you do. There are some days when I feel everything I have ever done is terrible. The thing that keeps me motivated is just the desire to improve, and the best way to do that is to keep producing and finishing stuff. If you finish and it doesn't turn out as good as you hoped, just try and utilize what you learned and try and make the next one better than the last.