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Mass Effect: Relations

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So I will be one of the many waiting in line tonight for Mass Effect 3. I figured since I love the series so much I'd shoot out a little flash before everyone and their mother started playing. Hopefully this will tide some of you guys over until you get your hands on a copy!

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Yeah, Mass Effect never really quite 'got' me, ya know?

this is hilarious. i'm a Mass Effect fan and this is spot-on great. and legion there recording that was awesome. and the salarian song at the end was a great inclusion. and making the ME2 batarian world dlc a dlc was the d-b move they made because ME3 only makes sense with that dlc and doesn't make sense to make a sequel with a required dlc content. great parody!

Classic song

Short but to the point and very fun. Also, Gilbert and Sullivan for te win!!!