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Author Comments

Mar 05 - Made a new update, hopefully fixing some of the bugs. Thanks for being patient.

Mar 04 - Players who are having hard freezes, tell me what the last thing was you did to cause the freeze. Did you use a potion? Close the menu? Is the beholder still animated but you can't move, or is the entire game frozen?

Mar 02 - The game is big, give it time to load.

Okay dudes, I made the hitboxes on the save locations a lot bigger, I hope that helps with the players who have been having trouble with the saves. Also I adjusted the sound effect volumes, hope that is better now too.

You can use either WASD or the arrow keys to move, just change it under the option. You can press Enter when touching an object to interact with it, or simply click on it. You must use the mouse in combat though.

There is a bug I haven't been able to pin down that sometimes makes the main character freeze, if this happens, press the Q button and you'll hear what is likely to be described as a 'horrible sound'. That SHOULD fix it, if it doesn't, let me know. Don't go pressing the button at other times as it can break the game.

Save as often as you can in case something bad happens. X_x And don't clear your cookies or you'll lose you progress.

If you experience any lag, try playing in firefox, not chrome. The game is really graphical, it's just going to lag a tiny bit on some machines. I'm sorry . I'm not the best programmer by any means. :P

There is a small bug, where sometimes you click to use a spell and the spells don't highlight, just quickly back up, then click the spells again and they should work. Working on fixing this.

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Wasted an otherwise good story and what could have been a great game.

Art is great as always, and so are bgm and sfx, but that's about it. The rest is a mess:

- RPGs are turn-based for many reasons. One of them is to give the player the opportunity to plan the combat properly. This includes using items and who attacks what. RNG is best left for encounters, drops, damage/hit calculation etc. but DEFINITELY NOT ENEMY ATTACK TIME.
- Speaking of, there is no drop system apart from currency and said currecy serves only the purpose of buying healing items. Every item is found around chests and that's not very funny, as it requires almost no effort to acquire.
- Using mouse on battle screen menus is awful - Why not just use WASD + Enter? I don't think it should be very difficult to set that up.
- Equipments should give stats and not only defense and attack (although elemental weapons are okay in the game).
- The freezing spell breaks the game because it works against bosses. That's a capital mistake.
- I would say it's grindy, but grinding isn't even needed due to prior reason :(

Since the game is very well presented - only failing hard on the grasp of RPG concepts, I consider 2.5 stars adequate. I also played other games by you and understand you are a good artist but have trouble with coding stuff. There's a lot of people that can help you out with that, and you should probably get alpha/beta testers too - they are great to point out gameplay issues (e.g. freezing working on bosses etc).