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A Goomba's Life - Ep 4

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Author Comments

*March 4th, 2012*

I got the complaints about the subtitles not being readable so i changed it.

Robbie, Bub & Yoshi calls it a day and during the hours of the night. A little uninvited guests is creeping through the house. Yoshi notices the Uninvited guest and Decides to go after it.

Author Notes:
This is the "Season Finale" Of A Goomba's life for now. I feel it's time for a break.

New Features:
A New Disclaimer.
A New opening.
A New Staff Role.

Also This Marks a New voice actor for Miles "Tails" Prowler. I'd like to introduce Voicegirl. This isn't her first movie but she's a great voice actor and her support is excellent. I'd recommend you seek her for your voice acting needs.

There are two special shorts available on this flash movie.
one of the bonuses is given to you during the Scene Select Screen.
There's one more for you to find during the movie can you find it.

This episode took a long time to make because of Life problems that keep coming up but i managed to create it. Now is this the last episode. No it will not be. There's plenty more where that came from but i'm taking this series in a different direction come season 2.

I'm always accepting Roles/Voice acting and I don't care if your mic isn't top notch this is all about having fun this isn't a life or death situation. There's Plenty of Minor characters to go around in the Mushroom kingdom.

I hope you all enjoy it. Thank you for reading as well as watching.

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lol green donkey

DemonicDragon93 responds:

Haha. Glad someone caught that. Good Old Yoshi's island..what a great game....

Good animation
Bad dialogue

Not bad, but not brilliant.

I like this series and I think it can really go a long way. The main thing is that you're going to have to get the balance of the volumes from the various voice tracks balanced out. One minute, it's really quiet and a little muffled, when suddenly it's a really crisp, really loud scream, which has me reaching for the volume control once again, to turn it down to a more manageable level. Some of your voice actors seem to have better equipment and software than others. It's a shame, but you need balance, even if it's done digitally, before splicing the sounds with the movie itself.

The plot is decent and it details a day in the life, yet also leaves us with something for the next episodes, in the form of the call back gag. The mouse need not be in every episode, but you might get Yoshi run off at an awkward moment, chasing after the mouse, for example. A nice balance of characters has been presented, but in the titles, I'd throw all of the icons out at the same time, to save time and space on the piece, giving a more compact and efficient title sequence.

You're looking good, but with a few more changes, things could be better - moving more than one sprite in different directions at the same time will really help, if you do it more.

[Review Request Club]

This was another nicely put together sprite movie. The credit music reminds me I stopped watching Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt halfway through, I think I should try to get back to watching it all since I really liked watching it.

The sprites are not edited at all but that isn't a problem since without characters it is hard to give a story isn't it? The intro was pretty nice since it showed stuff from the previous three episodes that had happened to Robbie the Goomba and Yoshi.

The story seemed rather simple in that Yoshi left out one of his berries and a mouse got it. Robbie gets scared and falls down the stairs getting temporary amnesia and recovers. Then the mouse appears again at the end and Yoshi simply tears through their house trying to get his berry back. Short and humorous as always.

The voice acting here was great. The person who did Tails sounded pretty happy too. The music that was used gave a good feel of watching old retro characters actually being able to speak on old game systems had they allowed for voices at all. Credit music as I said earlier gave me a bit of a nostalgic feel and kind of makes you feel happy at the same time.

Overall, nice work on this episode. Wonder how the next episode will go.

Review Request Club

DemonicDragon93 responds:

Once again I thank you for your review. I can always count on the review crew to actually take the time to make a meaningful review. A few other people have as well but yours is done on a profesional level. So thanks once again. I hope you stick around for season 2. Which will be coming out later this year.

right of the hit sound and voice over just dont work and muic could have some tweaking

DemonicDragon93 responds:

I'm sorry what do you mean by "right of the hit sound"?