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TGWTG versus dr. Insano

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Whee, using quotes out of their context is fun!

Tried to draw the reviewers in their respective title card art styles, which is why most of them look different.
While I can do a decent Masterthecreator and Andrew Dickman imitation.. I think... I can barely hang onto Marobot's style. And obviously ShaunMt's uber realistic style for the Cinema Snob becomes a real disaster here.
And accidentally used Lupa's manic episode artstyle rather then the regular reviews, and I discovered Angry Joe's animation only when I was halfway trough making this and..argh..
Ah well..

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i like the use of the voice clips to make a sory, please do more

Hilarious. The framework of putting the reviewers in a ridiculous story was clever, and I found it funny, even as somebody who hasn't watched any of TGWTG's work. I really wish the animation was better, and I wish there was a notice at the beginning saying that the voices were cut from actual reviews (for those who don't know them), but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I have watched videos by all of these reviewers, and even though i know all the jokes it's still not funny. This video was painful to watch. I have been waiting for a flash video about these guys, but this is exactly what I was afraid of. I know it's just a simple video made using audio ripped from there videos, but it feels so forced. This video is centered around a joke after joke formula (I say that because the plot is so poor that it feels like its just there as a meduim for the jokes). So if the entertainment is centered around these jokes then why dose it feel like they were all written in about 15min? It feels like no time or effort was taken in the making of this video. I know it's just a flash video, and i hope you don't feel like i'm just taking this as a chance to rip on something that was never supposed to be anything more than a silly little video you made in your spare time. That being said, I still feel with just a little more effort this could have been a half entertaining video.

I'm giving this a 1/5 just because I think i understand what you were trying to do. Also it was a fairly long video so i know you spent some time animating this. Maybe next video spent more time writing before you start animating.

My god that was awful. What were you thinking when you made this? First off, the animation was just absolutely terrible. Your anatomy was WAY off and all of the buildings were crooked, really perspective is not that difficult. Second, the "plot" made no sense. I'm assuming that splicing all of these reviewer's voices and creating a half assed story is an inside joke, but its still a very bad inside joke. Plus, the parts and characters you created for this were just horrible. Lastly, and most glaring of all, this was not funny... AT ALL. There's a thin line between "random" and "downright retarded." Inserting random words into sentences is not humor, or its at most the weakest and lowest form of it. It didn't help that you made this god awful long, near the end I was ready to gouge my eyes out.

You've been doing this for how long now? Yet your art and humor remains the same with little to no improvement. When are you going to actually try and show some effort in your animation? Not this garbled mess of lines and colors you call a cartoon?

What the fuck did I just watch? That was just.......I don't even KNOW how to describe that. It was funny, mainly because I'm a fan of the TGWTG Team, but, that was just insane. But, all in all, it was funny, and well put together, even if the animation & art quality wasnt very.........good.