SS Ep1 - Half Day

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Please vote fairly on this! I worked extremely severely hard on this, and no swear words in your reviews, please. Also, SS stands for Squishable School. This is 2 minutes long, too, probably the longest movie on Newgrounds from me.

NOTE: MY MUSHROOM IS NOT THE D-WORD! And this series will have some actual voices...


Better than a lot of the stuff here.

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Natty23 responds:

Really? Thanks a lot! :)

i can't give any stars... I admit it's much better than kitty krew or clock crew (lock legion produces decent animations every once in a while so i can't pigeonhole them in the same class as this <expletive>) but you could have tried to use your own voice or something. much more natural; this sounds like those autotuned songs.

oh and i've read your responses to the reviews.
you seem like the average friendly neighborhood rectum.

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plz try and use at least some medium of grammer when typing the words for the voice simulator
or a spell check so you dont end up with jibberish words half the time from the sim
but ya gave ya a 0 due to the poor way you treat the reveiwers but at least you arnt demanding a vote number like you did for the last movie

Natty23 responds:


would be better with real voice acting.
And just a question, were you aiming for the teacher to look like a dick as irony??
Hope for more(and maybe a remake with voice acting.

Natty23 responds:

He's a mushroom.

The dialogue was really poor, and the premise was a little too contrived to be funny. I gave it a one because I recognize that a lot of work went in to it, but just like a report card, you get a D for your work even if your effort is "satisfactory." Unless the *point* was terrible dialogue and poor English, in which case it was just not funny.

Natty23 responds:

The point was not terrible dialogue and poor English.

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2.00 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2012
7:00 PM EST