The Towers I

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Well, finally its here, my first real and good animation (With an original story)
It's about a Green Knight and... i really dont know... Just see the animation! :)

Hope you like it!


The background music is called COH - Royal Cave Castle
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/473261... (Nicksmall94)

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Cool! I feel so crap now lol XD

Stopsignal responds:

Pffft, it's object animation, which in my opinion is far easier yet less rewarding than drawing frame by frame. d:
Watch the second one though! It has got like a lot more work!

Nice use of the camera pan and shake for extra effect, but I think it was overdone a little bit. The character design was pretty good, and I liked the way you handled your fights...a lot more paced out, more wear and tear on the armor and weaponry as he advances, and quick battle moves that makes or breaks you. Nice experimentation, and would like to see more from you!

you get better at animating everytime :)

a lot better then that other stuff out there. It feels like a excercize in flash.
But it does need a lot of work to get it....right.

not using bodies is a art choice but i got confused what happend sometimes. not a good thing.

the drawing of the green's helmet (which is awesome!) is a good indication that you can and schould do a lot better.
ANy way thanls for sharing i liked it nonetheless

Stopsignal responds:

Thanks! I know that not using bodies is extrange at the eyes, but is an easy style of animation... In this animation, i move 4 parts of the body per frame, and in another animation that i published, i meved 7 parts... and is very, but very hard...

Its not bad, though it seems low quality, and you could have uploaded a bigger file to provide a better quality sound and picture. My song sorta fits in at some points, It would have fit in better if the animation was slighty faster. Its still a nice job, and fun to watch, though I'd appreciate it if you put my song in the credits on the side. Newgrounds will remove your video for not crediting me for the song. Keep up the good work c:

Stopsignal responds:

Thanks! lol, the first time i edited the animation, i put your song as the song, but i forgotted to put "add"
(sorry my english is horrrible)

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2.76 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2012
11:34 PM EST