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CCTotallyBS 03: Valenti..

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Originally suppose to have been released two years ago, but shelved due to it being too predictable, but given that its the series fifth anniversary and it has a Valentine's theme. So I fixed some things up, and here you go. I know it's over a week and a half since that day, oh well, consider this a case file that has just been disclosed.

So the story here is that someone died of from a broken heart, and fingers are pointed at the husband, so where's the proof?

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DEVIANTART: http://avalonknight.devia ntart.com/art/CCTotally-B S-YukiDaKitty-Episode-3-2 88690154
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=bmwf7vZT6fg
NICONICO: http://video.niconico.com /watch/sm17158959

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Wow guys, you really pulled out all the stops didn't you?

There is no sense of continuity, no explanation, no plot and no ending?!?

The voices are sometimes too low or too high in volume, which makes things harder to understand.

Put it in better order maybe, redo the voicing, and try again please!

omegafinal responds:

I could put it in chronological order, but from a storytelling perspective, it wouldn't make much sense, since I'll be essentially be telling the same story twice, and you'll know all the evidence against the suspect by the time the trial starts. Non-linearity is the way to go in this installment, because that way, you'll get a perspective as how the investigation and trial went without the two spoiling the findings to each other.

You had a good idea and good voice actors but they didnt use any emotion and your art is very smooth but you need to try to experiment with skeching to make more works that are easier to watch because im not trying to be mean becouse i know how hard it must have been to make this but i say try some frame by frame work like in your spare time pull out a sketch book and try to draw the characters more realisticly becouse it seems that you have all the tools to make a truely great flash but you need to experiment with more things id reccomend anime style becouse while whaching this i have to say it was all too monotone with the animation becouse they are like puppets just standing there and takling i mean if your going to do somthing that doesnt take a lot of action scenes you should put a lot more work int the animation to make it barable. and for example with the part where it skips scenes and says in subtitles DUN-DUN i mean its not that hard to import that sound but mayme thats just your style of art but i saw the cover of the episode where it shows the satan girl looking to her right and that art syle is really good but all this big headed no mouth slight gestures here and there is a little boring because you should take pride in your work and try to make it the best you can even if its somthing you did a long time ago and happend to dust off but all together still good becouse you have really good potential you just need to give it your all and experiment

omegafinal responds:

The "transitional cards" as I call them are inspired by the anime Bakemonogatari, where they used those cards, but for a completely different purpose, so they don't have an inherent SFX. But yeah, since this was made two years ago, it's looks amazingly stilted compared to what I'm experimenting with the style, which the post credit scene was meant to showcase what would it be like, jointed and all that with no premade part (but still have "common" sets like running and jumping), and using the IK handles in CS5.5 (this was originally made in CS3 so I had to fake it).

And thanks for your concern, and don't worry, I take pride in what I do, and never giving up on improving upon it, whether it may be this chibi TBS or the more realistic anime styles.

im being generise but its ehh kinda boring

not much im more comedy it remindes me of csi miami... ^_^

wow bro, this was very interesting! Keep it up! Loved how they solved the case. I would like to see more suspense in the next ones :D