Sir Yallow OC Battle #4

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This is part of a 2007 set of Flash Movies I put together for an Original Battle competition (I was the only participant who was using Flash) Each round lasted a week, as such the flash had to be completed inside that time frame.

The general idea behind the competition was to depict your character besting the other. They would of course do their own version as well.

My character's opponent was a sentient hat.


I decided to depart from the FF6 sprite and assembled parts for something that would allow for a wider range of motion. For the most part I got the effect I wanted.

This would be my 4th flash project.


As soon as the map was shown, I imagined patrick saying "I thought you said weast."- I laughed. Anyways It's a really good submission, but I'm reluctant to give it a full five points though. I don't really see myself watching this more than 2 times maybe, and that is a factor that is really important in my opinion, because it demonstrates how much people like it. The replay value is what keeps the best the best.

hilarious, liked the idea of being able to go back to your favorite scene.

I enjoyed the music and some of the effects. I didn't like the dialogue very much though. It sounded stilted and childish. I also don't like comic sans. That is just unprofessional.

Its eztrange, but good! but sometimes the vcam (or the scene) is very up, and the most part of the knight cant be seen... i liked the spritws, thei´re awesome. Good work

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2.74 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2012
7:14 PM EST
Comedy - Original