Dragon Ball Z FIght

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Funny fight time XD
that's my first animation , so please bear with us :)


This looks like shit,try harder...

Not bad. Juat needs more work, like polish up the background a bit more, and the characters and etc... The song is a good choice I thought.

Keep on trying!


First off, I'm not leaving this review to be mean but only to help.

Something like this really needs a preloader. You can find one easily on the NG Loaders section of the site. The backgrounds didn't look good because of the lack of detail and that the ones in the beginning were composed of horrible gradients.

The characters weren't well-drawn. They didn't look like the actual ones and lacked proportion. None of this had actual animation as in in-betweening, but rather motion-tweened animated positions. The rotating character in the beginning was really awful to look at.

This does show some potential. Something I especially hate with this would be how it replays automatically. It's not so much the automatic replay I despise but the fact that the sound OVERLAPS.

Rather than just criticizing you without telling you HOW to improve, I'll tell you how to fix this:00

At the very last frame - and make sure it's a keyframe - open up the 'Actions' tab and put "StopAllSounds();" there. Then when it replays and starts again, I wouldn't have to listen to the sound overlap.

Needs some improvement. On the plus side, though, the music is fitting.

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Sorry, but before you try to Submit another Flash, practice both drawing and animating, this is just not at all enough.

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hardly any animation, not funny, drawings looked like they could be done by a 4 year old. at the end of the movie, it just loops, instead of a replay button so it just goes over and over. improve your drawing, have more animation involved, and please have a preloader/replay button. also try to have less silly subject matter.

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1.21 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2012
3:01 PM EST
Comedy - Parody