Practice makes perfect

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Practice makes perfect, and for bad apple picking.
Edit: added clouds and made the tree stand out more.
Edit: Fixed preloader.
Edit: Changed the shoes


Keep it up! :)

Did you work with a flash below cs4? If you want to focus more on IK animation you need to start using bones. You have potential but would like to see more to your movies.

There's something wrong with her armor.. The right shoulder just looks...odd.

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cuddlesthemighty responds:

I think i fixed what you mean. Tell me if i have?

I can't say the final product was very good.

There are a lot of things you could work on, even though this was a short. The transition where the arrow is going to hit the apple, and when it finally hits are actually fine, but what you need to work on is the actual shooting animation.

I thought that you didn't put enough effort into drawing the character shooting the bow and arrow, you should try to imagine your character, sketch it out, or at least get someone to pose for you. While I'm on the subject of the pose, the background doesn't help give a stance on what your characters actually crouching on. Back on the character, try to get the body parts all right, the head stood out more than everything else, and looked okay, but the rest of the body looked like it was drawn just to get it over with, such as the feet. Balance out the detail. One last thing, the noise for the apple impact didn't fit the scene at all. That sounded more like a 'Thu-dunk'.

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I'm pretty sure this flash is a devious plot by the animator to get people hooked onto clicking the same thing over and over in the hopes that something different will pop up. Honestly, I don't have the attention span to stick around and find out.

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cuddlesthemighty responds:

that would be a great idea, give me an hour an i'll have alternate ending lol... or no this took almost a day if you can believe that... pain.

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Feb 20, 2012
9:34 PM EST