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My demo reel (19-02-2012) for my portfolio to submit into art college.
Animation is from practices and some shorts from this year and last.
That's about it, hope you enjoy it.


I like it

So this one was an interesting piece of flash, this movie type was different then most i am use too, and i like the variaty of your style in this one. Interesting piece here there was alot of different things going hence the title being a demo reel and what not, the music chimed it well to flow well with this, the animation was notbad and, it was a subtle piece of flash and a nice flowing one. And so that was that a decent movie entry with some decent visuals of a good style that gave off a good vibe and whatnot. So overall with this one i did enjoy your piece here.

And so here i am with a few positive changes and adjustments that should make thinsg run smoother and it will give off a better effect, now you dont have to use any of the ideas i suggest but try and atleast to look into some small changes. So hard to say where to improve since it was a demo reel of sorts but, maybe you can push the music up a notch maybe changing tempos for each different scenes and whatnot, even having some sort of subtitles for different scenes and so on.

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I ave to agree with it being weird at least and it goes from piece to piece showing them a little at a time rather than all at once before moving on to the next sketch demo. Pretty different in my opinion.

The graphics varied from piece to piece and the paper sketches were nice since I imagine you drew each frame on a separate piece of paper each time then looped them. The forward walking motion was also pretty neat too. The tongue thing was pretty odd since it stuck its tongue on a piece of earth then some stick thing kicked it back. The dark bearded thing was a little weird to me and then it died at the end sadly.

The music used was nice and set the tone as it was calm and allowed the animations to stand out.

Overall, quirky and odd demo reel.

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DillonBrannick responds:

Yep, seems to be the general consensus that its just a bit too all over the place. "different" even if you mean this in a bad way I'm totally taking it as a good thing.
Glad you liked it somewhat.
Thanks for this fantastic reviewage

Nice work.

Some of the pieces look better than others, but the slow running sketch looked weird - the additional parts to the legs may have looked better, had you sped the animation up a little, so that the "blur" was more pronounced.

The few animations that you did on the traditional stop motion with paper were fantastic. I love the look of the Pink Panther, but sometimes you drew the detail of his underbelly patch, while others it was missing, so that hurt the presentation.

A good choice of music to accompany the piece, followed up with some great pieces of animation - I'd love to see you put some more effort in and develop one or two of these pieces, to see how far they can be taken. The surrealist stick figure vs the scenery thing was one that I took some interest in, for example. How far could that one go?

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DillonBrannick responds:

"Nice Work" I'm happy. Thanks for the review. Whatch for detail more closely, don't get lazy, put more effort in. Yeah I was planning to make sequel to that stickfigure one, but sadly lost inspiration and thought I should better spend my time by getting better at full body animations instead.

I didn't like it too much, but this is due to the fact that I just don't enjoy collabs or demo reels too much. Just a matter of personal preferences.

Some of the stuff we could see here looks pretty good, others where mediocre. The main problem for me was, that everything seemed to be really cluttered. Sometimes the scenes where interrupted but different scenes, only to continue some time later on.
Also, some of the pictures (for example, the pink panther walk cycle) where too dark, so it was hard to see the cycle.

At other times, the image seemed to be strangely unsteady (for example the guy running through the city, followed by some fat and huge character).

Anyway, the only way to get better at flash is to create more stuff and submit more stuff. You have proven that you can draw and that you have your own style, now you only have to get better with the tools you are using. ^^

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DillonBrannick responds:

Thanks, and don't you worry I'll be creating more animations in the future.
Next Time I'll try keep it clean.
Yeah the problem with the paper drawn animations was that the cameras exposure was really poor, and I had already had them compiled.
Thanks again, I appreciate the time it took for you to write this

What school are you applying to?

Anyway, your traditional pieces (pencil and paper) were miles better than any of the digital/flash art. I think the software is really limiting you right now, and it might be better to submit an all traditional reel since it seems to be more to your strength.

You had a lot of line inconsistencies and perspective issues with your flash stuff, too. If you wanted to submit more flash work, you might do better to animate (or at least draw some frames) and scan them in.

Good luck man

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DillonBrannick responds:

I live in Ireland, so I'm applying to IADT and BCFE, probably took more care on traditional ones, plus I do find it easier to draw on paper. Unfortunately I don't have enough traditional stuff to fill a demo reel.
Some of the stuff is quite rushed, well most of it so that's why there are quite a few inconsistencies. I needed to get it done because I have to work on the rest of my portfolio and a demo reel isn't a requirement into any of the animation courses, so its just something a little extra to stand out a bit more.
Yeah I probably should do my line tests on paper and then just ink 'em on the computer.
Well I loved this review, super helpful and I'll be sure to take what you've said on board.

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