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EVo3: Finally Some Action

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Author Comments

Xleek goes berserk. Apes get smart. Brian almost dies. Meredith ruins everyone's good time. SUCH SCIENCE!!!

Sorry this one got out about 6 months late. Minecraft happened. However, if I did submit this six months ago, I wouldn't have had the time to put so much thought and love into it!

CREATIONISTS SHOULD NOT WATCH THIS FLASH!!! If you watch this flash and get upset, it's your own fault because I told you not to watch it.

Lovingly crafted in about 4 weeks.

Also in order to fully understand this, you're going to have to watch the two previous movies if you haven't already (unless you can understand this movie, in which case you're some kind of wizard)

<edit> wow, front page and daily 1st? Thanks Tom, YOU ARE THE GREETEST

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I keep wondering if this is what would happen if Shinji Ikari found the TARDIS...

LOL! That was hilarious! Awesome job!

lol what if Meredith transported them to theMatirx, there is no spoon lol :)

This sort of brings up a "chicken and egg" thing, mainly that the only reason the far-in-the-future humans exist is because they interfered with the past, but if they HADN'T interfered with the past, they wouldn't exist in the first place, so in reality, they basically created themselves. So I can sort of see the "paradox" kind of issue some might have and how this can make people's brains hurt. Also, I'd feel sorrier for Bighead Mc. Tentacle-Out-His-Back if not for the fact that he STUPIDLY abducted two people right the hell out of nowhere and just expected them to go along with it. And you think CREATIONISTS are idiots.

By the way, tone the anti-religious stuff down. Actually having a belief system doesn't make you stupid. As a Roman Catholic, I respect the institutions of science the same way I respect women's rights to have abortions and gays the right to marry. I view God more as just "something behind it all" type of force and not just a stereotypical guy on a throne among the clouds and was still able to enjoy this despite you liking to take digs at people such as me. Having said that, there are a few things that could use a bit of improvement, such as the audio quality, it's KINDA hard to hear what they're saying because their voices aren't louder than the background audio. And the man playing the alien should speak up. Other than that, the flash quality is quite smooth and well done, though I would like to say this...

Every animation, cartoon, comic, movie or story is someone's first. Knowing what comes before is HELPFUL, sure, but a story should be able to explain to the audience who the characters are, how they got there and what the plot is about quite quickly. If the audience can't care about the protagonists, we cannot get invested in the story. And we can't care about them if we don't know where they're from or what they do, so some introductory text crawls or narration or what not would be appreciated for next time to explain to those "just tuning in", as it were, as to what's happening. Just some friendly advice.

vezanmatics responds:

There ya go, I fixed every single issue you mentioned in the new cartoon. Now quit yer yappin, humie.


If a human from the future (the Grey), that evolved from Humans, led to the Human race to come to existence, then how did the Grey come into existence?????? 0.o

vezanmatics responds:

THERE IS NO FREE WILL, this always happened and was always meant to happen.

Did I just bum you out? Aw.

It goes like this: ape---> primitive human---> modern human---> transhuman from the future. It's not that hard to understand. I don't think that creates a time paradox.

Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2012
10:02 AM EST