Punishing ACTA

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this is just my own quick animation about against SOPA PIPA and ACTA. that victim is lamar smith. its not serious, just my bored and exciting idea i wanted to.
enjoy, and tell me what do you think.
i know its harsh, but cmon. its just animation.
music: 2001 space odyssey OST - jupiter and beyond.

Update: i'll add some more parts of the flash animation to make more creepy.

for people who think its misinterpreted of the anonymous act or that's not the real target or i'm stupid and uninformed Ect..
lemme say :
I DONT CARE! there is no other explanation, its just a snuff animation, its just my stuff, just watch an enjoy, dont mind about defintion and crap and other shit i dont interest, just watch the execution, the PUNISHMENT, the death of LAMAR!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

1000 views and 7 Reviews ? seriously ?!

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"Target acquired"

I agree. The threat must be eliminated...

Stops just short of a full 5. Update away, I want to see what happens next.

Could you update your webpage at least once a week? I just want to know if a man from an agency pays you a visit. Choice in bg music is obvious, it's meant to strike fear into the hearts of the guilty. For a minimum of work, you kept my attention and made a point for those who've seen or read of Guy Fawkes and ACTA. Try and find some Portal music next time. Peace.

SpanglishHorse responds:

1st: i would ..... MAYBE!
2nd i never red Guy Fawkes, but heard of him, but idont fucking care of those, i just released my imagination to the flash player like spitting ink out of my mouth, nevermind if you dont understand.
3rd : nah! i like this one, shut up.

op is a fag

SpanglishHorse responds:


Very effective. Definitely works well to make you scared of such acts. This would be an excellent political cartoon, not so sure of any other thing.

Ooh, spooky. Gotta get it off my spine.

SpanglishHorse responds:

thank you =)

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4.08 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2012
8:34 PM EST