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The Stick Jumps

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Author Comments

A few stick death animations I made about a decade ago that I crammed together. Try your hardest to enjoy.

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Well how should i put this i have to agree with some of the others this one does seem a bit childish dont get me wrong im not here to bash on you or anything im just giving you my pointers the video would have been funnier to me a few years ago but there wasnt enough action within the video not enough motion i noticed that when one stick figure is moving every other one looked lifeless it was like a picture not a flash so for your next one of these try to make it a little more flowing as well as make it a little funnier when i was watching it i was expecting them to all die and i was right i dont wanna be right throw in surprises give me something that i wasnt expecting but fits the bill either way keep it up :)

W0lfsbane responds:

Thanks for the review and stars! Yes I noticed I never really animated anything other then the main subject. I will not ever be making another one haha, Im actually working on stop motion now (very slowly) and it's why I made a new account. Just found this on my old computer and decided to re-upload it. (deleted long ago of NG) And you didn't find the arrow surprising? The fact that the one stick hit the title as if it was a real object? The floor breaking? I thought that was genius when I was 11 haha. again thanks. Very surprised this animation is getting as many stars in reviews as it is.

I knew a kid made this, my advice is GROW UP

W0lfsbane responds:

I said I made this 10 years ago. Also stated in review comments I was 11. Also if a kid made it he would have to grow up right? :p

I enjoyed the later animations - the non sequitur parts like arrows out of nowhere and collapsing scenery made for some laughs, and the animation was smoother on the last ones.

W0lfsbane responds:

Well I actually made that last bit about a year after...so even though I was like 11 only it was still slightly more fluid.

Not good animation, but it made me laugh. I didn't really understand the "arrow" deaths. If it was an arrow in the knee joke, I couldn't tell. I'm giving you 4 stars out of 5 because you lost 1 star for poor animation. You did really well, though.

W0lfsbane responds:

It was not an arrow to the knee joke, I made these before even morrowind came out. It was just supposed to be an unexpected death. And thanks for the 4 stars! way more then this deserves! :D

edit: GUAWH now that you pointed out the arrow to the knee thing thats all I can see and it totally ruins them for me :( haha bad timing to re-up this I suppose.

this is relly stupid. at first i thought it could make me at least chuckle, but it didnt. on top of that the animation is seriously lagging. now there is room for improvement but this videos fate has been chosen