Never Piss in Public

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This is just stuff that I do when I'm bored


HA HA! Thats Right.... NEVER PISS IN PUBLIC!!!

Its fine to be bored and make stuff like this but it was kinda random of a flash to make! I got a few laughs out of this movie!

It shoulda been longer though!

author respond back


meh that was reasonable it was pretty funny and frankly i think that i what saved you, your lucky your funny, but the graphics were alittle weak and the voice acting wasnt that good either maybe you should lend your comedy to others instead of making the flash yourself. Dont get offended im just trying to help out :( good luck with future projects

heh heh i guess

pretty funny idea, but you shouldnt hvae ended it with that moral line "dont piss in public" otherwise it would have been pretty funny, but that line just reminds me of some PSA kids made in highschool trying to be funny.

Actually, this one kind of blows.

Yeah, I'm on a rampage on your movies. I liked one and decided to check out the others.

Okay, what the hell kind of dumbass completely drops trou to take a leak? Especially in a potentially public area?

And did they send a helicopter after this guy? Cos there's the sound effect of one at the end.


ok look diablo classic. i think you need to take a trip to this website.


go there look at the vid and btw yer the white guy thats using the comp. just remember that.

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Aug 1, 2002
8:18 PM EDT
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