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Hank's Rage: Megaupload

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Hank's download is suddenly halted after the FBI pulls the plug on Megaupload. The Feds done f*cked up.


Thanks to RicePirate for the awesome help! He helped out with much more than just voicing and writing. This is the first of many projects that I'll be making for NG, my new home


EDIT: Weeeell I know its kinda late but thanks a lot for the frontpaged and daily 2nd place! More Hank stuff will come in time. Thank you again!

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im a brony fuck im not gay

hbrunav responds:

Yes you are

Figure'd it would be more epic.

The best parts were the first scene where he flips from the news and the last with the earth saying fuck. I think everyone can relate to the horror of seeing that red error message!

Decent and entertaining

A decent start to a flash here, I really like what you have here, there seems to be some good qualoity about all this and, i really like your style with this, so this gets my vote atleast to a good start in the right direction. This seems more like ones statement even opinion on matters but i guess thats ok, just one expressing themself in the flash form of ways and thats all ok too, There was a decent lil story here though, and it kept my interest, The whole thing with sopa is confusing but i think you presented a good flash with abit of a story here, so anyways decent flash, some ok entertainment value, and it was presented well enough to understand it all so nice job here.

Now I must say that this was a pretty decent flashi found it interesting in many ways, it didnt really lack much but i have an idea or two here that may or may not help. But anyways i think the onlything this could use was more depth and humor into the story, the rest was pretty good actually. but anyways that was about the onlything lacking.

The best part was "NOOO!... (whee)"