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*UPDATE The cartoon has made its way on other sites like worldstarhiphop.com and is over 100K views. Newgrounds being the birthing place for my talent, I would love to see it on the front page here...... Thanks to all.


Its A Wrap presents A look at the true relationship behind Whiz Khalifa and Amber Rose. He's whipped. LOL.
Stick around for a guest appearance.

It's been a while...... I miss you Newgrounds!

Subscribe to my Youtube youtube.com/guttamindanim ation


That was hilarious, well written and thought out. :0)

lol. That was funny :D
You should make a Lil Wayne one

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I helped create assets for this animation, but I promised not to biased in this review. These are my true feelings, and I think they are just.

When I was working on creating the backgrounds, I had no clue what this toon was about, literally all I seen or heard of it was the character models. In fact I didn't even know who Wiz Khalifa was... I'm so far away from the Hip Hop world its crazy that I thought it he was original character. So when watching this cartoon, I was watching it for the first time just like many of the other viewers.

With no prior knowledge of the genre; I still laughed. The jokes weren't reliant on knowledge of the source material, I'm sure I missed a few in jokes because of my ignorance to Hip Hop. But then again, I probably caught jokes and references to Guttamind's previous work that other people might of missed. Its nice to see the humor so layered.

Truth be told I still have no clue why a certain childhood figure was in this cartoon, but then again that kind of random humor is what I expect from the internet. I personally think language is a bit too much for me, but I don't think this cartoon was intended for me anyways.

Lots of production value in this, the music is great and the acting is very good. There's a few things with character models I don't like, but I know that's getting taken care of for the next "Its a Wrap" installment.

The car animation was top notch man, so freakin' smooth. The character animation and detail is at a whole new level for you man. Seriously a huge step up since the Beer animation or the Corporates. I know its just going to get better from here on now, and that's exciting.

I honestly would've liked to see this go farther on New Grounds, but it looks like its doing pretty well on both Youtube and WSHH. Keep on trucking buddy, keep on trucking!

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This was the most f'ed up thing ive ever watched, yet very funny.

xCRISTYLx responds:

HAHAHAHAHA. Subscribe to the youtube bro. I appreciate it.

ROFL At Pimp Gumby! Ty for Kanye n Wiz's dialogue. This made my day.

xCRISTYLx responds:

HAHA. Thanks, bro. Sub to my youtube, if you havent already. I'll make another one.

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3.82 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2012
2:50 PM EST
Comedy - Parody