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well, that's a great story, and the true originis of grey clock as an apiring animator, and portal warrior.
i loved how he was reading his favorite ''adventures of crippelboye'' comic, and how he was grooving it with crab-clock.
will crab clcok survive? i only wonder!

a great movie, by astronaut clock, i loved the simplistic style,a nd the exquisite story, but my only complaint was that it didn't had a preloader and voice-acting.
i could help ;) lol jk
good movie, holmes, do more!

C0mBineD responds:

help me bb10

I'll show you yet you little shitstain you!

C0mBineD responds:

bring it holmes (when the uploading works again)

I really liked how smooth Crab's voice was. It was like melted butter pudding in my ear cannals.

C0mBineD responds:

I hire only the best of voice actors

I love this movie. Outstanding art style. Witty dialogue. Would recommend to my friends

C0mBineD responds: