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Clock Crew Party Hardy

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i say.... ''party''.
party-hard. hard-party.

party with crabby.

anyway, the drawings of the characters (crab clock) and of his friends, were amazingly well-done, and looked, alot paper-like.
very good job, almost reminded me of paper-mario, or old skeletal movies (in style,though, less creepy).

good movie, tho, it is TOO short. i think it should be longer, and to have a story.
good loop, though.

so phresh

I would like to believe I helped inspire this a little ? :)

The cartoon is fun. The below reviewer recommend a more vibrant soundtrack but I think the music you selected is what gives it its charm.

I think you should keep developing the style... play with additional textures... maybe the settings on the drop shadow... a lot of potential here.

Glad Newgrounds is back. Not so glad people are still making Clock crew Flashes. Its just bandwidth pollution, to be honest. Judging it as a flash in general, the framerate is abysmal and very repetitive, and end is misspelled. How iin the hell does one misspell End?! Better luck next time. Try something more original.

clockcrab responds:

study before you judge